Aberdeenshire Tourist Guide

Simple Living at Aberdeenshire

If you would rather go to a secluded place free from the hassle and bustle of life then Aberdeenshire in Scotland is the place you should find yourself! Also known as the Country of Aberdeen, it is among the 32 unitary council of Scotland. And even if it may often be associated with Aberdeen, it does not really include such city since it is an independent Council Area even though Aberdeenshire Council has its own headquarter located at Woodhill House within Aberdeen locality. This is what makes the place unique council wherein the headquarters are located outside its borders. For reference, the south borders of Aberdeenshire are Perth and Kinross, and Angus while it is the Moray and Highland on its west.

The moment visitor’s land on the place, the very first thing that will catch their attention is its hilly surroundings. In terms of historical value, the place has a lot to offer since it is highly gifted with prehistoric as well as historic heritage. Truth is, its name originated from the historic country of Aberdeen which on the other was abolished during the year 1975, governed by the Act of 1973 under the Local Government of Scotland.

What are some historical places that you can visit in Aberdeenshire? Believe your tourist guide when they tell you that that the whole week is not enough for you to truly discover the place. There are a lot of wondrous sites that you can visit and one of those is the Muchalls Castle. The castle was first created by Alexander Burnett of Leys but it was his son named Sir Thomas Burnett who was able to complete it. What makes this structure highly famous is the fact that it played a great part of history since it serves as imperative turning point during the Reformation of Scotland.

If you rather want to visit scenery which has something to do with nature then the River Dee is a good tourist spot. This place played a good role in terms of nature conservation and it also embraces various designated areas within. The river is naturally surrounded with birchwoods, pinewoods, and heather moors. Get the chance to be in touch with the water vole, otter, and freshwater mussel since they come vastly available on the place.

Famed because of its association with the Burnett of Leys clan, the Monboddo House is one of the most renowned mansions within Aberdeenshire. The property however is originally owned by the Family of Barclay during the 13th century. Through time, it was passed on from one family to another until the moment when it arrives to the possession of the Burnett of Leys.
All of these places will surely bring back memories of pleasant yesterdays. So if you feel tired from all the chaos brought by the modern technological age, then Aberdeenshire is a good place for you to remember memories of yesterdays. Indeed, UK has a lot of tourist destination to offer like Aberdeenshire so would it be nice if you start packing your clothes, start a trip and be fascinated?