Angus Tourist Guide

Discovering the Rich Land of Angus

In the north east Scotland situates the country of beautiful Angus, known as the place of contrast because of its agricultural land on the North and a maritime coastline all over.  Come explore the beauty of Angus and go fishing, learning about wildlife, hiking, walking and climbing. Go to the alluring Strathmore valley located inland and experience the beauty of nature. Stroll over the maritime coast and enjoy the wonders of its golf courses, long beaches, and stunning seascapes. Are you planning for a trip to Angus? Well then, contact Angus Tourist Information centers scattered all over the county as they can assist in planning the trip.

Angus was realized only by travelers because of Dundee which on the other hand is the fourth largest city of Scotland. One of the country’s attractions is the Brought Ferry, located on the northern part of the city. At the beginning, this is nothing but a fishing village which was later on urbanized into a dormitory. Today, it is one of the renowned resort towns of the country. There is also the Broughty Castle Museum that specialized of showcasing the history of whaling, indeed a good place where you can learn. Just across a few miles, you’ll come across the Moniki Country Park which is a reservoirs and parkland where one can enjoy any kinds of water sports.

For golf aficionado, go to the High Street of Carnoustie, famed as a luxurious golfing place in the entire Britain with more than four golf courses. If you rather want to enjoy the water then drop over Tay estuary where you can go windsurfing, sailing, and fishing can all be enjoyed in the sweeping bay.

Go back and explore the rich wonders of the past by going to the town of Arbroath. Scan the pages of your history book and lean that it is in Arbroath Abbey where the Declaration of Arbroath was made into reality in the year 1320 which paved the way for Scotland's sovereignty from England. Staring from the 14th century, the place became as a busy harbor. Taste their rich cuisines known as the 'Arbroath Smokie', these are herrings which were smoked over oak wood chips. Almost all of the local smoke houses as well as fishmongers within the place cater this delicacy.

Who would forget Montrose when they hear the place Angus? Located at the south of the town is the attractive place of Montrose where you can enjoy a trip to the Visitor Centre and Montrose Basin Wildlife Nature Reserve which is a haven of wildlife. Get the chance to see the pink-footed geese settle over the mud flats on winter.

With all these fine places, what would still be the reason left not to visit Angus? So now, pack your things and start the trip!. Explore the beautiful country and get the chance to talk big among your friend on how grateful you are for discovering the rich land of Angus. By the way, don’t forget to bring your camera with you!