Ayrshire Tourist Guide

The Historical Place of Ayrshire

What is common among William Murdoch, Bill Shankly and Sam Torrance? Yes, they are all born in the country of Ayrshire. This is a place situated within the shore of the famous Firth of Clyde. Among the principal towns are the Kilmarnock, Irvine and the Ayr which are all famous because of their rich heritage. The country also embraces the town of Troon which is renowned because it has hosted the British Open Golf Tournament for two times already within the last seven years. Actually, if you count all the times that the place hosted the tournament, it will total to 8. An estimate of 200,000 visitors arrives at Troon just to watch the said event.

 Ayshire is well known as the Country of Ayr covers three council areas which comprise of the East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, and North Ayrshire. The place is blessed with rich agricultural land; you’ll find potatoes almost everywhere. Pork products and root vegetables are also offered here. Amazingly, Ayrshire was heavily industrialized before. Alsom, the Johnnie Walker whisky comes from here.

Most of the time, Ayrshire is distinguished because it is rich in historical places and one of those is the Auchenharvie Castle which is a ruin castle that still stands in a powerfully secure position within Auchenharvie Farm. Back then, this is known as the Achin-Hervy, Awthinharye which later on changed its name to Auchinbervy in the year 1745, the place is so small that the conversion of it into a dwelling habitat is not feasible. Secondly, there is the Barony and Castle of Giffen which is the place where the baronies of Giffen, Trearne, Roughwood Broadstone, Hessilhead (Hazlehead), and Ramshead stays.  It embraces various properties which include the Greenhills, Nettlehirst, Drumbuie, Thirdpart, and Balgray. Many of the place historical happenings took place at this castle and that comprise the significant event of the possession of a 'Moot' or 'Justice Hill'. Here, one can also see the old chapel which has been the talk-of-the-town because of its alluring view.

For nature lover, the Cleave Cove cave is a nice exploration which is located within the place of rich carboniferous limestone. It covers more than 500 feet if one tries to measure all the passages that are separated from each another. Take the trail to the Eglinton Country Park which is situated in the place of the ancient Eglinton Castle estate, Irvine. You’ll have the chance to come close to foxes, hedgehogs, moles, mink, pipistrelle bats, and roe deer which are abundantly available in the park although these animals can be seen by mere luck.
Moreover, your trip to Ayrshire would not be complete without buying Dunlop cheeses. This is basically a mild cheese that is sometimes referred as a 'sweet-milk cheese. Its texture is comparable to a cheddar cheese. Bring along this food for your love ones as your souvenir and they’ll be happy to get the chance to taste its rich flavor which is perfect for salads and pasta toppings. With all of these, what more can you ask for?