Banffshire Tourist Guide

Culture is big in Banff

Banffshire or the county of Banff is located in the Northeast of Scotland. The climate in Banff is dryer and milder than the climates in other surrounding areas, making the county the perfect place for a getaway. The maritime county has a rich history that still has great impact on its inhabitants today.

The town is picturesque, but one may be surprised to know about the literal translation of the word Banff. It is believed that the word has Scottish Gaelic origins, and Banff mean “Pigs Burn” or “Young Pig”. The meanings may seem pretty uncharacteristic of the county now, but as long as the sights are breathtaking, nobody seems to mind that the county’s name is associated with swine.

Banff provides a relaxing atmosphere for tourists, and visitors would enjoy the trip more if they were not in a hurry. The beautiful coast makes it the perfect destination for a weekend, as one would enjoy driving down the countryside.

Like other counties in Scotland, Banff’s main attractions are the castles found there. One of the most popular castles to visit is the Duff House, which is also an impressive gallery that houses famous paintings, tapestries and furniture that add character to the castle. The rooms are filled with these treasures that showcase the magnificence of the castle. El Greco is one of the famous artists whose works are displayed in the Duff House. The Duff House also houses the Dunimarle Library; researches are accommodated through appointments. While it takes a bit of effort to visit the library, one would be delighted to know that the grounds are open everyday and entrance to the grounds is free year-round.

Various activities are also held in the grounds yearly. Among those activities are open-air productions of famous plays. The Vintage and Classic Car Day is held every August; the program allows visitors to see well-maintained vehicles from the yesteryears. The day allows the participants and spectators to bask in nostalgia.

Banff is home to quite a number of artists, and galleries provide venues for artists to hone their talent. There are a number of galleries that are worth seeing, like the Lost Gallery of Strathdon, the Milton Art Gallery of Crathes, and the Tomintoul Gallery, among lots of others. For those who wish to see most of the galleries in Banff, joining a trip that follows the Gallery Trail is advisable.

One of Scotland’s oldest museums can also be found in Banff. The Banff Museum was founded in 1828, and it houses artifacts that are important to the history of the county. Among those artifacts is the war trumpet that can be traced back to 2000 years ago. Admission to the museum is free of charge, so visitors have no excuse not to stop by. Understanding the county’s interesting history becomes easier through visiting the museum.

Social drinkers would surely enjoy going around Banff, as there are distilleries scattered around the county. One may even wish to follow the Malt Whiskey Trail, where visitors are able to explore eight distilleries in the area. Culture is a huge thing in Banff, and visitors won’t leave the place without learning a thing or two.