Bedfordshire Tourist Guide

Some of Bedfordshire’s secrets

Forming a part of the East England Region is Bedfordshire, a county that offers visitors with quite a number of tourist attractions. The county allows tourists to maximize their vacations because of the laid-back feel of Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire holds lots of secrets that would be great for visitors to discover.

One of the must-see places in Bedfordshire is the de Grey Mausoleum, which features over 20 monuments of members of the de Grey family. The family members were the Earls of Kent; most of the monuments are from the 16th to 19th Century. This is one of the largest sepulchral chapels in England, and admission is free. The mausoleum is connected to the Flitton Church.

The Haughton House in Ampthill is one place that visitors flock to. The house belonged to Mary Sidney Herbert, Dowager Countess of Pembroke, also known as Lady Pembroke. It is believed that John Thorpe was the architect of the place. Hunting grounds surround the house, and the house was a hunting lodge for Lady Pembroke. When Lady Pebroke died 1624, the Bruce family owned the house. The house was stripped of its furniture and roof in 1794. The site is now an English heritage property. Fortunately for visitors, admission is free.

The Bushmead Priory is one quaint structure that tourists must see when visiting Bedfordshire. Built in 1195, the priory was property of the Augustinian order. The building is known for its timber frame roof; medieval style stained glass and wall paintings can also be found in the building. The historic structure exhibits crown-post architecture.

Another place worth visiting in Bedfordshire is the Woburn Abbey. In the 12th century, the abbey was a Cistercian monastery. For 450 years, the abbey is home to the Dukes of Bedford. The abbey houses an impressive private collection of art featuring the works of Rembrandt and other prominent artists. Porcelain and silver are also displayed. Outside the abbey, visitors can enjoy the great countryside; one can even see deer roam around the area.

After seeing the abbey, a trip to the Woburn Safari Park is almost automatic. The safari will delight animal lovers, especially children. The trip allows visitors see animals like tigers and rhinos. Relatively tamer animals like monkeys can also be seen.

Still for animal lovers, the Bedfordshire Butterfly Conservation Park is a good place to visit. Aside from housing butterflies, the park is also home to tarantulas, goats, guinea pigs, and rabbits. If seeing and touching the animals are not enough, there are also other activities that breathe life to the park. Arts and crafts activities are offered to keep children busy; these activities are everyday. A cafe in the park also provides delectable treats for visitors. The park is also available for private events, thus providing a different ambiance to parties.

For those who are interested in vehicles, the Stondon Transport Museum in Henlow is a delightful trip. The museum boasts of the largest private collection of vehicles in the country. Hundreds of classic vehicles are showcased in the museum. Even more exciting to car enthusiasts is the fact that some of the cars featured in the museum are for sale.
Bedfordshire offers a lot more than those stops mentioned. The best way to know of Bedfordshire’s other secrets is to explore, explore, explore.