Berkshire Tourist Guide

Berkshire allows visitors to step back in time

Berkshire or Berks dates back to the 840s, making it one of the oldest counties in England. The county has witnessed many battles, thus making Berks rich in history. Visitors can learn so much about the past just by taking a trip to the Royal County of Berkshire.
The county is popular because of the Windsor Castle, a structure that can be traced back to the time of William the conqueror; the stricture used to be a fortress. Eventually, the castle was made into a royal palace. The castle is known the world over because it is considered an official residence of the British monarch; the Windsor Castle is the largest inhabited in the world. Because of the change of ownership and tastes of the castle’s inhabitants, the castle’s look has evolved over the years.

The castle grounds feature a sprawling park, which would be perfect for long leisurely walks. The Windsor Great Park is popular among those who live within the vicinity, because the park provides a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for weekends. The park used to be the private hunting ground of the castle. Visitors who walk to the north of the park would discover a small river called the River Bourne; the river is connected to the River Thames.

When going to Berkshire, one might feel like one of the elite. Berks is also home to the famous Ascot Racecourse. While Ascot is often associated with horseracing, there are also other activities to entertain tourists. Diverse activities ranging from art fairs to concerts are also held in Ascot. Moreover, visitors can satisfy their palates, as Ascot also offers fine dishes. Only the best are served in Ascot, thus making visitors experience the affluent lifestyle.

For those who prefer a different itinerary, then a trip to the Bracknell Leisure Center would do just the trick. The center boasts of great athletic facilities. Among those facilities are the three swimming pools, the Bodyworks Gym, and the BodyBeats exercise studio. The Downshire Golf Course allows tourists to practice on teeing off. There is even a Forest spa to ease the tension off the visitors.  The center provides activities for those who want an upbeat pace, and at the same time, the center also provides activities for unwinding.

Another interesting place in Berkshire is the Museum of Reading, which is located in the Town Hall of Berkshire. The building itself is a sight to behold; the oldest part of the structure was built in 1786. Those who visit the museum are in for a different learning experience, since there are also interactive displays. The museum houses several galleries that showcase important documents and other artifacts. One of the more famous galleries is the Bayeux Gallery; this gallery has the only copy of the Bayeux Tapestry in the United Kingdom. The tapestry dates back to 1885, and is a must-see in the museum. The museum also holds special events like festivals. Admission to the Museum of Reading is free of charge so more visitors are encouraged to take educational trips in Berkshire.

Just by visiting Berkshire, visitors feel like they have stepped back into another time. The place is unlike any other, and one must experience the charms of the county.