Berwickshire Tourist Guide

Berwickshire offers a laidback vibe

Formerly an ancient county of Scotland, Berwickshire still exudes that old-world charm. Travelers will be able to put their trivial concerns aside, because it is as if time stands still in the captivating county.

Located in Lauder, Berwickshire is the Thirlestane Castle, which can be traced back to the 13th Century. Also known as Castlehill, the place was owned by the Maitland family since 1587; the Maitlands were prominent because of their significant contributions to the law and the arts. The Maitlands’ family home was rebuilt in 1590, and the castle was where the Dukes and Earls of Lauderdale stayed. In the 1670s, the Duke of Lauderdale had renovations done in the castle, thus making the structure even greater. However, in 1972, the castle needed much repairs to be done. Help from the National Heritage Memorial fund and the Historic Buildings Council restored the castle to its former glory.

The castle’s architecture is impressive, but there is more to the Thirlestane Castle than being a breathtaking structure. The interiors are also a sight to behold, plus great furniture pieces fill the house. Moreover, paintings, porcelain, and toys are displayed in the castle. The castle grounds are picturesque; a small garden with roses makes the place charming. People can also enjoy their leisure time in the wooded area, where picnic tables are able to accommodate guests. For those who would rather get their refreshment indoors, the Tea Room also welcomes visitors.

Another way to enjoy the great outdoors in Berkshire is by going to the Hirsel Country Park. The Home family has owned the Hirsel estate since 1611, and the building is still maintained today, much to the delight of countless visitors. With about 3,000 acres of forestry and farming lands, the Hirsel Country Park occupies massive space; visitors would not run out of things to do here.

Visitors would appreciate the countryside by taking a walk around the grounds. There are several color-coded walks, and one of those is the trail leading to the Dundock Wood. Dundock Wood is famous for the rhododendrons and azaleas. The wood is breathtaking, but its beauty is a product of an unfortunate incident. In 1881, a strong storm devastated the area. However, the bare area was planted with rhododendrons despite the fact that there is little chance that the flowers will thrive. Eventually, the rhododendrons were able to fill the formerly sparse area.

The Hirsel Lake is also another sight to see in the park. The lake is home to several animals, and among those are coots, ducks, swans, and even otters. There is even a hide that can be used for bird watching. The serene lake allows visitors to forget about time. One can spend hours upon hours just enjoying the great view.

For those who like to unwind by having a drink or two, Berwickshire also has several pubs. The pubs are pretty laidback and will not intimidate those who are new to the county. Berwickshire is the perfect getaway for those who want a comfortable and easy vibe; there is no need to hurry in this county.