Cambridgeshire Tourist Guide

There’s always something to do in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is surrounded by Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, and Lincolnshire. The spots Cambridgeshire provide numerous sources of entertainment for those who are visiting the area.

Cambridge is one of the counties that tourists flock to. The most famous building in Cambridge is the King’s College Chapel. The chapel is picturesque with its stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and stone carvings. Visitors are required to pay upon entry, but none complain as the view more than make up for the fee. The church is a constituent of the Cambridge University, which is just nearby. It was in the time of King Henry VI in 1446 that the chapel was started. The king intended to build an impressive court, but King’s was the only building completed. Although the plans for the great court did not materialize, the church is still able to wow tourists who visit. The chapel’s impressive architecture can be attributed to the four master masons that were commissioned to do the chapel. The structure provide a great backdrop for photos, but there are also photos being sold in the area.

On the other hand, the Milton Country Park provides a getaway for nature lovers. Providing tourists with a haven for wildlife and plants, Milton County Park is perfect for those who want to go on picnics. Most people unwind by having their lunch while enjoying the view. Children will also have fun in the park, as there are several play areas for them. The park admits pedestrians at all times, except on Christmas day. Moreover, the park is easily accessible by bus or car.

Milton County Park also allows people with disabilities to enjoy the park, as wheelchairs are readily available. Moreover, the visually impaired can visit the Sensory Center, which houses plants that exhibit extraordinary scent and texture.

For those who are interested in modern art, perhaps a trip to the Kettle Yard will be enough to whet their appetites. Paintings by artists like Joan Miro, David Wood, Ben and Winifred Nicholson, and Alfred Wallis, among others are displayed are displayed in the gallery. Moreover, sculptures by artists like Henry Moore and Constantin Brancusi are also showcased. Tours to the gallery are free, but in a given time, only 10 people are admitted to the house. If the group exceeds five persons, then visitors must call the gallery first to ensure that they will be accommodated. If there are more than 10 visitors who wish to visit, the group will be divided into smaller groups. There is a feeling of exclusivity when one is able to visit the gallery, therefore a trip here is essential.

Another place worth seeing in Cambridgeshire is the Milton Maize Maze, which is a rectory farm shop. There is a farm trail in the area, providing an outdoorsy feel. Visitors may also opt to take the tractor trail, or ride go karts. With farms animals in the area, animal-lovers are sure to find their fun in here. Lots of parents bring their children in the Milton Maize Maze to see the animals and to join other activities prepared for children. Visitors can also enjoy fishing.
Cambridgeshire provides enjoyment for everyone in the family. People never run out of things to do and sights to see, making this county perfect for vacation.