Carmarthenshire Tourist Guide

Carmarthenshire: Place for Flowers

Carmarthenshire is previously the biggest country of Wales, located at the south west region. It is rich both in land and water wealth which is obvious with their rolling pasture land and rich coast line. Among the famous land attractions are the Cambrian Mountains located on the north while there are the Black Mountain, Tywi Valley, and Brecon Beacons National Park located at the east. If you want to get the detailed information about the places that you can visit then it would be good if you can go to various Carmarthenshire Tourist Information Centers since they are skilled enough to provide complete information about the country.

Are you attracted by the beauty of flowers? Visit the National Botanic Garden of Wales located at the east on Llanarthne. It rocks the whole universe since it is regarded as the single garden that houses the biggest single-span glasshouse all over the world; it has also the longest herbaceous border within Britain. Moreover, situated at the west of Carmarthenshire is the Hywel Dda Gardens and Interpretive Centre, the only garden which has its dedication to the law. The place is divided into six gardens in which each single garden is used to represent a section of the law. 

For gold lovers, the Dolaucothi Gold Mines located within the wooded hillside is the place that you should be. While staying at the mine, you can spot and enjoy the Cothi Valley.Otherwise, simply enjoy the place while a tour guide provides his lecture about gold panning, underground workings, mining, and exhibitions on gold.

If you wound want to go fishing then you can simply go to the River Teifi which is well known for its world-class fishing of salmon, sea trout, and brown trout which makes the place a popular dwelling place for fishermen. You can bring your kids with you, enjoy fishing together and share over a festive delicacy of fresh water fishes.

For vehicle aficionados, Pendine Sands would for sure suit your senses since it is specially designed for driving machine enthusiasts.  This is famed because of its land speed records since this is where the famous Malcolm Campbell was able to break three records. You could also drop by the Pendine Museum of Speed and get the chance to see the world’s record-breaking vehicles.

For sure, no matter what the kind of personality you possess, you’ll definitely find a place that will answer your desire here at Carmarthenshire. All of the people are hospital and they always project the attitude of being too welcoming once they see tourists roam around their place. Looking for a good place to stay is never a problem because the country is flooded with hotels, inns, hostels and even houses that are for rent. No matter if you are in a tight budget or not, you’ll find a comfortable resting place to spend your nights in. Restaurants are also abundantly available, get the chance to taste their rich cuisines or simply order international delicacy. You have the choice.