Cheshire Tourist Guide

Cheshire: Melting Pot of Landscapes

According to the recent census done on the year 2001, the population of Cheshire had reached 673,781. The said statistics comprise of 51.3% male and 48.7% are female. Its economy depends mostly on automotive, ICT, agriculture, chemical, bio-technology, food and drink, financial services, and tourism. On its simplest description, the place is a rural country with soaring concentration of villages. You must have heard about the Cheshire cheese and by now you are wondering if it also comes from the country; yes the cheese definitely originates here. Agriculture revolves around their dairy trade and their major livestock are cattle.

Although the place is rich with nature’s glory, it did not hinder its inhabitants to look for other means of living. Take the case of various famous personalities who rocked the world of entertainment, although they come from a humble town still they were able to make it big in order for the world to see them as someone ‘special’. Among the notable residents of Cheshire are Gary Barlow who is a famed solo artist and songwriter, Wayne Rooney who is a football player, Harriet Shaw Weaver who is a political activist, Christiano Ronaldo who belongs to the national team football of the Portugal, Emma Hamilton who is better known as Lady Hamilton, and many more. All of these people had added feathers on the country’s cap in their own unique ways.

If you are one of the few who takes some time to do things that would benefit your heart then you should know that walking is one of the best exercises that could waken up your tired and resting heart. With this, you’ll be glad to know that Cheshire provides a bountiful place for walking and it does not just tender an ordinary vacant lot where you can walk since its entire place are surrounded with beautiful trees. The melting pots of landscapes- are the best words that could describe its terra firma blessings. Take a stride with your family and love ones while having a warm foretaste of serene English countryside.

If you’re too lazy to walk then tag along a horse with you, horse cycling is one favorite pastime of people here because of its wide bridleways and byways that provide hushed lanes that would attract every rider. No matter if you wish to tract long trails or simply go through a short course, you’ll for sure find something good for you. Take the trek of Wirral Way or the Biddulph Valley Way. But if you are already an experienced rider then you can opt for the trail of the Bishop Bennet Way which is a 55km route going to the South-West Cheshire.

There is always a place for anyone here. Most tourist guides will be more than willing to give you an itinerary of your trip to Cheshire so you could truly enjoy the beauty of the place at its best. Bring with you your family and love ones so you could enjoy the place with the company of the people that matters to you the most.