Cumberland Tourist Guide

Cumberland's Features and Attractions

Taking a Glimpse of what Cumberland has to Offer

Cumberland is nestled in the northern portion of old England. It comfortably sits along the Scottish border with the Cumbrian Mountains in the southern part as the background. For now, Cumbria is the modernized city that forms part of Cumberland along with its administrative region, Carlisle. 

Such county is bestowed with captivating scenery that is a hundred percent sure to take anyone's breath away. There are Sca Fell, the highest mountain of England, the greenery of the Eden Valley, and the plains that Solway boasts of. The lakes are likewise abundant and they look like the gems of the deeply plunged valleys. The county is therefore heralded as one among the most beautiful portions of the United Kingdom. 

Some Traces of its Historical and Political Aspect

The area is particularly rich with stories of invasion and counter invasion, feuds, battles, and many more. Some of its conquerors include the Danes, Scots, Normans, and the Romans. Starting from the 900s down to the middle part of the 1600s, there was no valuable peace and order that occurred in Cumberland.

Cumberland is yet another previous constituent of the United Kingdom Parliamentary. It was once the seat of the Parliament of Great Britain and House of Commons of the Parliament of England for the period 1707 up to 1800, then of the Parliament of the United Kingdom between 1801 up to 1832. The two major political divisions were the Cumberland East and the Cumberland West in the year 1832.

Cumberland's Top Destinations

Cumberland Terrace. Marvel at one of the finest architectural masterpieces of the exemplary designer Sir John Nash who paved the way for the major designs that popularized all over London. Cumberland Terrace is one of those most magnificent spectacular housing complexes in London. Its construction was finalized in the year 1896.

Cumberland Pencil Museum. The pencil making tradition in Keswick which is found right in the heart of Cumbria's Lake District has marked its 175th year. The museum shows the exact replica of the Seathwaite Mine which is the location of the first ever graphite discovery. Also, you would be taken back to the history of the development of pencil making, finally take a glimpse of the longest pencil in the whole world, and after which, catch your breath as you relax in the coffee shop found within the area. If you have children for companions, they would surely love trekking on the quiz trail and pour out their creative juices as they reach the drawing Zone. The museum operates all year round regardless of the season.

Cumbrian Heavy Horses. Engage in horseback riding whether you are a pro or a newbie. There are trainers who would teach you the basics and guide you all throughout the horseback riding lesson.

Cumberland Hotel London. A world-class hotel, this newest addition to the accommodations in London boasts of an impression that is sure to last. The overwhelming experience starts as soon as you step into the lobby.

Cumberland attractions and features emphasize the real deal of living a fine life the European way.