Devon Tourist Guide

Devon and its Top Attractions

Great Britain has long been held a powerful country all through these years. In fact, it projected a vital role in domineering the world's maritime and industrial prowess, the development of the parliamentary democracy and in the growth of both science and literature. The British Empire, at its very peak, even covers at least one-fourth of the surface of the Earth. But even if UK is regarded as a powerful nation, still it has its own share and taste of ups and downs. It was during the first phase of the 20th century that the nation's profound strength was actually busted during the infamous World Wars. More so, the second phase evidently shows the disbanding of the empire and therefore forming into a modernized and progressive nation in the European continent. As of now, UK forms part of NATO, UN Security Council, and the Commonwealth. Now let us take a good look at one of UK's component--Devon.

Taking a Look at Devon
Devon is a big county that is found in the Southwest phase of England. Oftentimes, people address the county as Devonshire although it does not count as its official name. Devon is bordered by Cornwall in the west, and then by Somerset and Dorset in the east. The coastline is directed to the Bristol Channel in the north and the English Channel in the south. As per the population rate is concerned, Devon ranks as the third biggest of all English counties. Something to be proud of, it is none other than the home of the sole natural UNESCO World Heritage Site--the Jurassic Coast, which is popular for its geographical and geological features. Aside from a bunch of historic cities and towns, Devon prides itself of a mild climate that entices more and more visitors.

Going Over the List
A travel headed to Devon can be all worth it with all the wonderful sights all equipped with the most unique characteristics to boast of. From the fun parks and friendly farms for the kids, the pretty gardens for the adults, the line of stately abodes, cottages, caves, castles, and a lot more are all at stake as you tour Devon. Feel the presence of the past memories or opt to indulge into the more modernized side of the county and you will surely love the feel of its atmosphere. Here are some of the spots that you can't afford to miss!
Buckland Abbey. Walk through the interesting 700 years old state that was once owned by Sir Francis Drake and see loads of historical memorabilia qualifying his time.
Canonteign Falls. Splurge into the fun of having picnics with the highest waterfall surrounded by woods and lakes.

Castle Drogo. The last castle of England that is made of granite. This 700-acre estate features a medieval look bathed with all sorts of comforts.

Clovelly. The streets lead you towards the harbor and story-filled village of Clovelly.

Cobbaton Collection. Run through the collection of military vehicles dated way back in 1939.

ColdHarbour Mill. Watch the history of the textile trade as it is given life in here.

All these and more can pique your interest. Devon really has the kick that can take your breath away.