Herefordshire Tourist Guide

Holiday at Herefordshire

Herefordshire is situated in the West Midlands region of England and one of its 39 historic counties. It borders Shropshire to the north, Powest to the west, Gwenth to the southwest, Gloucestershire to the south east, and Worcestershire to the east. Among the counties in England, Herefordshire, being primarily an agricultural area, is considered to be one of the most rural and least heavily populated.

Herefordshire’s county town and only city is Hereford and other major settlements include Leominster, Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye, Kington and Bromyard.
There are many must-see attractions you can find and a variety of things to do not only in Hereford but all over Herefordshire. The county boasts of historic edifices and scenic landscapes, the perfect combination for a fun, memorable holiday.
Herefordshire has been dubbed artists and craftsmen’s haven and rightly so. The county is home to many galleries that house a variety of artworks, from paintings to sculpture, from pottery to jewellery. There are a number of galleries and art houses to visit (particularly in Ledbury), including Old Chapel Gallery, Gallanthus Gallery and Café, Eastnor Pottery, and Parkfields Gallery, among others.

Of course, as a United Kingdom county, Herefordshire has plenty of castles, manors and mansions, and churches and cathedrals that you can visit and tour. Among these age-old jewels include Belmont Abbey, St. Bartholomew’s Church, Eastnor Castle, Goodrich Castle, Croft Castle, Hellens, Berrington Hall, the Brockhampton Manor, Hereford Cathedral, and Burton Court, among others. The Old House, a beautifully preserved 17th-century house in Hereford, is one of the country’s finest black and white buildings and definitely worth a visit. On a more educational note, the Mappa Mundi and Chained Library, well-known for housing the medieval map of the world and the chained library, can be found at Cathedral Close.

There are a number of museums that warrant a tour, too. These include the Coningsby Medieval Museum, the popular Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, The Waterworks Museum, the Market House Heritage Centre, and the quirky Time Machine Museum and Coffee Shop in Ross on Wye, among others.

What is a trip to the countryside without a good cup of tea in an idyllic setting? To get your dose of warmth and rejuvenation, visit the Shipley Gardens, set within thirty acres of mixed environmental habitats in Hereford. Enjoy your tea in one of the unique atmospheric tea rooms and garden rooms, and explore the numerous plants and animals sheltered by The Gardens. If you happen to be in Leominster, make sure to drop by the famed Westonbury Mill Water Gardens, beautiful three-acre gardens with a lovely view of its neighboring hills and orchards. Among its notable features include a wild flower meadow, a walk-in forest of giant gunnera, and a stone tower with water-sprouting gargoyles.

To cap your holiday, check out the numerous retail and souvenir shops and conveniently shop till you drop with Herefordshire’s traffic-free shopping centres. The region is known for its cider, so make sure to buy something you can give family and friends from The Orgasmic Cider Co., Jus, Weston’s Cider, Coddington Vineyard, Dunkertons Cider Mill, Apple Store Gallery, and Ross-On-Wye Cider and Perry Co. Ltd., among others. The Cider Museum and King Offa Distillery in Hereford portrays the history of cidermaking.