Kirkcudbrightshire Tourist Guide


Kirkcudbrightshire, also known as the East Galloway, was formerly a county of south west Scotland. It is bordered on the north and north west by Ayrshire, while on the south and south west of Kirkcudbrightshire is surrounded by Wigtownshire. To the south and south east of this county lies the Irish Sea and Solway Firth.   

In this lovely county, art has been a continuing heritage hence, discover the Tolbooth Art Centre, a historic establishment that also functions as a haven for tourists who has a taste for the arts and are curious enough to know the tradition of the town’s artist’s colony.

Meanwhile, for those whose interests have been ignited by the scenic fishing town of Kirkcudbrightshire then waste no time to visit. This county is a lovely place to go to for a relaxing and stress free holiday. You can imagine yourself going back to a past tradition and seeing what Scotland was really like centuries ago. Unbelievable as it may sound, Kirkcudbright has not dramatically changed even after many years of turmoil and modernization. The county still looks very much the same now as it did a hundred years before. In the meantime, visitors who are in search of some excitement and ancient castles will find themselves satisfied as this county is suffused with them. You can stroll down into castles that have stood the test of time, such as the Castle of St. John. This establishment is a medieval tower located in the center of Stranraer, during the past centuries it was used as a government base but today it serves as a monument of times past. If you prefer houses that were designed to link to outbuildings, you will find the delightful four-storied tower but well-preserved ruins of Carsluith Castle as an answer to your prayers. For castles built in superb architectural details, the ancient home of the McCulloch is revealed to you. In this castle, discover the fine architectural structures of the tower particularly in for the fire places inside as well as the battlement that can give you a perfect view of Fleet Bay. 

While 8 miles south of Dumfries is a monastery founded in 1275 by Dervorguilla of Galloway, known as the Sweetheart Abbey. Although much of this abbey’s remains are in ruins, it was built in deep-red local sandstone and founded as an annex to the Dundrennan Abbey. Next to this abbey is the charming village that overtime took the name and is now known as the New Abbey.In the heart of Kirkcudbright, here you will also find the beautiful Stone Castle that has stood for several centuries.  While the panoramic harbor is located to the left of the castle next to the ancient Stone Church of England and in the distance are the stunning views of the woodland that stretches around the top of the whole town.  The beautiful harbor is home to many fishing ships. Fishing has always been a source of steady income for majority of the locals here. The fresh catch of Kirkcudbrightshire has consistently provided staple supply of fish around Britain.