Lanarkshire Tourist Guide


The Lanarkshire is a county located south west of Scotland, bordered on the north by the counties of Dumbarton and Shirling, in the east by Linlithgowshire and in the south by Dumfriesshire. This county is characterized as a mass of land that is gently sloping towards both banks of the river.

A fascinating county Lanarkshire is, here you will find all influence of the Celtic’s magnificent past such as mounds, circles, stone axes, querns and urns. It is indeed worth it to visit the wide range of attractions, activities and country parks which will appeal to all the family. Enjoy the unique experience of Brownsbank Cottage, a charming ancient Scottish cottage that has been preserved and is filled with antiques as well as curious. Today this beautiful cottage is open for the public. Feel free to step back in time and imagine life for the country folk in another era. For lovers of flora and fauna, visit the marvelous Dawyck Botanic Gardens. This garden started in the 17th century. Now it boasts of the tallest trees in all Britain, view the beautiful tree shrubs as well as the colorful gardens here with your family.

For those whose interests are diverse and are looking for a lively program of events and exhibitions, the Tweedale Museum and Gallery is just right for you. This establishment was founded by Dr. William Chambers who incidentally happens to be the founder of the famous publishing house. The Tweedale Museum and Gallery was envisioned by Chamber to become a great center of learning for his home town of Peebles. Another attraction that is well-worth your time, the St. Ronan’s Wells, majestically located on the hillside that is overlooking Innerleithan and set amidst picturesque gardens that are very tranquil and ideal for a family picnic. Just close to St. Ronan’s Wells is the Traquair that goes back to the 11th century and has been considered the oldest house in all of Scotland. Originally built as a housing lodge for Scotland’s royalty, this eventually became a refuge for Catholic priests particularly during the era of terror. Be daring and visit the secret chambers and stairs as well as the dark and spooky cellars. Within this building you can also explore the 18th century dining room, working brewery and the amazing 1745 cottage restaurant. While outside of the building is a playground, woodland walks and craft workshops all for your adventurous children.

Another wholesome attraction for your family is the Kailzie Gardens. In this exotic garden, you can view the Tweed Valleys Ospreys as well as the countless flora, children’s corner and even a fishing pond for both fly and bait fishing. This garden is highly recommended for a tranquil stroll. While nearby, the Bowhill House and Country Park, originally s Scottish borders home to the Duke of Baccleuch, houses a rare collection of paintings, furnitures, tapestries and silver porcelain. Within the walls of this magnificent house, you will also find a fascinating Victorian kitchen that is perfectly preserved all for your viewing pleasure.