Lancashire Tourist Guide

Lancashire’s charm lures visitors

Belonging to the counties of the United Kingdom, Lancashire is a picturesque county with the Irish Sea to its West. The place is teeming with so much to offer visitors that most people are pleasantly surprised with what they discover in Lancashire.

A historic trip will be all worth it in Lancashire. A visit to just one location, Pendle Hill, already allows visitors to learn of three important events that tell stories of Lancashire. Pendle Hill was where the Pendle Witch Trials were conducted; the trials were among the most famous and controversial trials in the country. The hill is a favorite spot especially during Halloween. People find their thrill by going on ghost hunts here; with or without ghosts, Pendle Hill offers a breathtaking view to those who climb it.

Another event that happened in the same hill was the barometer experiment of Townley in 1667. Pendle Hill is also popular because of its association with the Quakers/Society of Friends (a religious society); it was said that George Fox had a spiritual vision here in 1652. His vision was instrumental in shaping the society’s ideals.

Visiting the Blackburn Cathedral or the Cathedral Church of Blackburn Saint Mary the Virgin is a must visit for visitors. The structure was built in 1826, and was the first stone church to be built during the Norman times. John Palmer designed the church. Visitors would appreciate the architecture of the building, as the Blackburn Cathedral is well preserved until today. The church hosts quite a number of concerts within its walls. The place is also used to accommodating visitors; there is even a gift shop and cafe so that tourists can enjoy their stay.

Another building that is worth a trip is the Lancaster Castle. Dating back to the Roman Times, the medieval castle provides a visual treat to visitors. The castle also served as a prison for quite some time. There are regular activities held in the castle, like theater performances.

Adventure-seekers may also get their fix of euphoria in the Camelot Theme Park. As the park’s name suggests, the amusement park adopts a medieval theme. This is quite amusing for any visitor, as he or she gets to have fun at the rides while getting a glimpse of the past. Rides like Knightmare, The Galleon, and Falcon’s Flight display the place’s penchant for the past times.

A trip to Lancashire is not complete without the visitors enjoying the gastronomic delights that are to be found left and right. Probably the most popular dish in the county is the Lancashire Hotpot, which is a lamb and cheese casserole. The cheese is not just any kind of cheese but Lancashire cheese, which many consider as the world’s best toasting cheese.

Visitors must also have their share of the Chorley Cake, which is from the town of Chorley. The cake is a delicious pastry with currant filling; the treat is usually eaten with a smattering of butter, and a side of the famous Lancashire cheese. The cake is so popular that the town’s bakers hold an annual fair.

Lancashire has plenty of secrets that are worth discovering. With great sights and food, one can never go wrong with visiting the charming county of Lancashire.