Leicestershire Tourist Guide

Lounging in Leicestershire

Found in central England, Leicestershire is a peaceful county that is far from sleepy. Although the place offers a serene backdrop, visitors will not run out of things to do in this charming place.

One of the scenic spots to visit is the Belvoir Castle. The castle houses works of art that would delight those who are fond of cultural trips. The architecture is nothing short of remarkable, as the castle has a Gothic look. The Belvoir Castle’s central tower is similar to the Windsor castle, thus offering grandeur to the visitors. In the castle grounds lie the Belvoir Gardens, which contain the Rustic Summerhouse and the Secret Valley Garden. Presently, the gardens are being restored to further beautify the place.

The Belvoir Castle is picturesque, that several major movies have been shot here; among those movies is The Da Vinci Code. Interesting activities are also held here weekly, like the Folk Music weekend, where folk artists gather to play in Belvoir’s ballroom. The castle also hosts a well-known fireworks competition called the Belvoir Fireworks.

Another castle worth visiting is the Ashby de la Zouch Castle, which can be traced back to the 12th century. The castle boasts of a rich history with famous visitors like Henry VII and Mary Queen of Scots, among others. Most visitors climb the Hastings tower, where they can get a great view. Some visitors also wander in the underground passage connecting the kitchen to the tower; the passage was possibly made during the Civil War.

While Leicestershire offers visitors a historic treat with the castles in the area, the county is also home to a very modern structure. The National Space Center can be found in Leicestershire, and quite a number of visitors flock to the place. The building, which was designed by Nicholas Grimshaw, contains galleries that cover topics like astronomy. space flight, and cosmology. There is also a planetarium in the building, as well as Digistar 3 dome cinema. Since the center opened in 2001, the National Space Center has welcomed many visitors who come to see the only known Soyuz spacecraft in Western Europe. The visit to the center is made more memorable, as their gift shop allows visitors to indulge in souvenirs.

Leicestershire is also known for the food, and people have considered Leicester’s offerings as great contributions to the English cuisine. Among those is the Red Leicester cheese, which is similar to cheddar cheese, although it crumbles more easily. The cheese is orange (and not red like the name suggests), and is great for pasta, crackers, tarts, and fruits. It also goes well with most beer and wine.

The Stilton cheese is also another offering of Leicester, which comprise of two varieties: the blue and the white; the blue cheese is more popular. This kind is used in adding flavor to vegetable soup, and is also eaten with celery or pears. Most people drink port to go with their blue Leicester cheese. On the other hand, the white cheese is eaten with dried fruits.
The Pork pie is also famous in the county. The meat pie is made of a pastry crust which contains chopped pork and pork jelly. This food is considered a traditional British food.
Visitors will surely enjoy lounging around in Leicestershire, as the country offers something for everyone.