Lincolnshire Tourist Guide

Relaxing and exhilarating pastimes at Lincolnshire

The county of Lincolnshire lures a throng of visitors because of its extraordinary appeal. Situated in the east of England, Lincolnshire offers a unique experience to those who are willing to discover the county’s secrets. There are quite a number of interesting places to visit in Lincolnshire.

Among the places that visitors must see in Lincolnshire is the Lincoln Castle. Constructed by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, the castle still stands in all its glory. In fact, the structure is among the better preserved castles in the country. The castle’s location was very strategic during William the Conqueror’s time, because it allowed him to monitor the Fosse Way, Ermine Street, the Valley of the River Trent, the River Witham, and the Linoclnshire Woods. The castle has also survived battles, witnessing significant events in history.

Visitors who visit the Lincoln Castle are able to enjoy the magnificent sights of the castle grounds, but they are also in for another treat. One of the surviving originals of the Magna Carta can be found in the castle. There are only four originals of the document, which King John sealed. An extensive explanation of the Magna Carta is also offered in the exhibits. Moreover, the prison and the chapel are also open as museums.

The Thornton Abbey is another historical site that would delight visitors. The abbey was founded by William le Gros, the Earl of Yorkshire in 1139; the structure served as a priory during that time. The site boasts of an impressive architecture that adopts the Romanesque and Early Gothic style. Although the site was closed down by Henry VIII in 1539, the site is now open to the public, allowing visitors to marvel at the place. The site has also been owned by a couple of owners before the English Heritage finally called the place theirs.

Another sight to see in Lincolnshire is the Heckington Windmill, which can be found between Boston and Sleaford. The charm of the windmill lies in its oddity; the windmill is the only 8-sailed tower Dutch-type windmill, and is probably unique in the whole world. The windmill was built in 1830, and has been modified throughout the years. Today, the site welcomes visitors who wish to see this quirky structure.

A trip to the deserted medieval village of Gainsthorpe allows visitors to enjoy the old English charm of the county. Visitors must walk a footpath of about 200 meters leading to the town. The English Heritage now takes care of the site, thus assuring people that more can visit the place in the future.

Those who are looking for faster-paced activities will also have their fun in Lincolnshire. The Pleasure Island Family Theme Park offers several theme areas to accommodate the thrill-seekers. With areas like Africa, Morocco, Old England, Spain, Kiddie Kingdom, and White Knuckle Valley, the park assures the visitors that they will never have a dull moment in Pleasure Island. There are also shows to amuse the crowds, like the Parrot Show and the Sea Lion show. Recently, the park has also started to offer a High School Musical attraction, which is sure to satisfy the fans of the franchise.

Lincolnshire offers activities for those who are seeking relaxing or exhilarating pastimes. Those who visit will not be disappointed with the myriad of secrets that the county has.