Middlesex Tourist Guide

Remembering Middlesex in England

The Middlesex County is recognized as among England’s historical counties. The name refers to the historic middle Saxons’s territory. The county is positioned in London Basin with the famous River Thames on its south, River Lee on the east and River Colne on the west. Its stretch is primarily forested with the presence of the wooded area of the Forest of Middlesex.

Majority of the county are part of the Greater London. Decades later saw the urbanization of Middlesex by London’s suburbs and much of its coverage are already counted in the new boroughs of Greater London.

Visiting Middlesex lets you witness the four most popular attractions that are rated as top sites by guests. These are the Wembley Stadium Tours, Wembley Arena Pavilion, the religious site Sri Guru Singh Sabha, and Stockley Park Golf Course. Luckily, the Wembley Stadium is now made available for any guest to have their own share of 90-minute tour, witnessing the favorite spots of their heroes. The Stockley Park Golf Course is absolutely designed to be an excellent resting place and also a hang-out for golf buffs. One of London’s highest points is the High Road in Bushey Heath that can also be found in this county.

But beyond the feelings of enjoyment for seeing these attractions or hot spots, the county more importantly shares to its visitors the rare opportunity to discover diverse culture, ethnicity, and religious beliefs of its community. It also fosters new friendships and a deeper understanding of its historical background.

To fully discover the beauty attached to its historical nature, it is recommended to stay in Middlesex for a reasonably longer time since finding a place to stay is always such an easy task. The county offers various accommodations from hotels to cottages to inns. To name some of the luxurious hotels are Marriot London Heathrow in Hayes, Sheraton Skyline Hotel & Conference Centre, Hilton London Heathrow Airport in Hounslow, and Crowne Plaza Hotel London Heathrow. These different accommodations provide great service to cater the needs or requirements of singles, couples, seniors, families, children, and groups on vacation. And surely these visitors always leave with fond memories of the place.

Feeding that hungry appetite is definitely not a problem, too. The county has a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and fast-food delivery service that showcase an array of delectable cuisines like Italian, Portuguese, Indian, Mediterranean, Spanish, Chinese, French, or Thai to suit different taste buds of tourists and locales as well. The excellent list of restaurant choices includes Thai Smiles, Tangawizi, Red Peppers, Nando’s-Wembley, A Cena, Gurkha Tandoori Restaurant, Pangs Cottage Restaurant, and more dining experiences.

Although the administrative district is eradicated, Middlesex continues to exist and be considered a home to many of its locales. In fact, a Middlesex Day is being observed to remember the historical significance of the county during the Battle of Albuera. A visit to Middlesex is not just an experience of pleasure, it is rather a remembering of the culture, history, religious beliefs, and the ancient lifestyle of its people.