Midlothian Tourist Guide

Discovering the Midlothian County

Midlothian is a wide area that is situated in the Southeast section of Scotland in the United Kingdom. Its beautiful panorama has remained undiscovered and ignored by some vacationers. What they don’t know is that here lies a quantity of beautiful nature sceneries and other wonderful sights for that unique and historical adventure.

It has a splendid architectural structure that ranges from superior residences of the Old Town going down to the Royal Mile until the lovely Georgian New Town. But beyond this loftiness is the grandeur of a Castle. Outside the bustling city, the countryside of Midlothian displays historical mementos of battle sites. Since it is primordial home to the golf game, the visitors can truly attest that the park and golf courses here are some of the best sites in the world such as the Newbattle Golf Club. Nature or beach lovers will definitely love the magnificent shorelines, extending its beaches of fine and golden sand for a relaxing walk. Its parkland and trails also offer adventure walks up in the Pentland Hills.

For a taste of anything Scottish, the Clan Tartan Centre provides a unique personal experience of finding your ancestors if they are possibly related to any Scottish clan. Discover it for yourself. Within the Centre is the Spirit of Scotland Whisky Shop. They have more than a hundred collections of Scottish Malts. Clothing and other souvenir items can also be found on your way to an excellent shopping.

For other family-friendly tours, the Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh is considered as one of the world’s best gardens and a favorite attraction to many foreign visitors. Other hot spots for park walks and natural wonders are the Bird of Prey Centre, Dalkeith Country Park and Drumplier Country Park.

Meanwhile, historic houses such as the Dalkeith Palace, Borthwick Castle, and Rosslyn Castle display amazing structures and royal family background from the ancient times.  The religious and cherished site of Rosslyn Chapel and the Scottish Mining Museum are also favorite sights of tourists. The county also brings fun and entertainment to guests through its Dalkeith Jungle Fun Centre. Fun activities and events are ongoing in the county all year round.

With all the enticing attractions of Midlothian, places to stay for great service and accommodation are all over the place. Favored hotels include the Norwood B & B, Roslin Glen Hotel, Ivory House, County Hotel Dalkeith, Craigiebield House Hotel, Carlethan House, and Allen Ramsay Hotel. Rest assured of a clean and loving place to stay like home.

Food selection is not something to worry about for the county serves a wide array of menus to cater to its variety of visitors.  Take for example the Italian server, Frankie & Benny’s New York Italian Restaurant & Bar, and the seafood dining experience with Britannia Spice. More restaurants and cafes are of course located in the vicinity in your long round of walks and tours.

And for more exciting and informative adventures, the county’s towns of Joppa, Dalkeith, Pathead, Eskbank, Edinburgh, and Gorebridge are readily open for a wonderful journey.