Monmouthshire Tourist Guide

Breathtaking Views of Monmouthshire County

Located in the South eastern section of Wales, the Monmouthshire county is derived from the name of a town that stands at the union of Wye and Monnow. On the east side is the River Wye, the borderline between Wales and England. On its south is the Severn estuary. However, the northern and western borders cover different rivers and its geography less described vividly. Although there has been an argument over Monmouthshire’s actual location, whether in England or in Wales, most residents are loyal to Wales as its territory. 

The county is definitely an impressive, legendary, and inviting place of beauty and wonder. It has a route canal that extends the landscape out into the lovely countryside of Wales and England. It offers breathtaking views of castles, museums, and other tourist attractions. One castle to get awed by is the Caldicot Castle and Country Park that brings you a panoramic setting of resting gardens and woodland country park.

Museums are top-rated attractions in the county. The infamous Abergavenny Museum is found inside a hunting cottage within the vicinity of the Norman castle ruins. Art exhibits, children’s activities, and other events take place in Abergavenny. The Chepstow Museum showcases the diversified history and artifacts of this old town such as old pictures, posters, wine trade, and other important items from the past. It was also a significant market and port areas once in history.

Foreign visitors also come to the place and get to experience new activities and workshops like the Technogym Olympic Challenge for their children and young teenagers alike. The activities are usually held at the Bulwark Community Centre. The exciting water polo sport has also been introduced in the following leisure centres of Caldicot, Abergavenny, Monmouth, and Chepstow. Although what they have to offer for the meantime is the mini version of the water polo sport.

Its theatre, the Borough Theatre Abergavenny, has also been regarded a hot spot for its successful number of visitors. The theatre is a collaboration of the efforts of building –owner Monmouthshire City Council and the theatre’s volunteers in the management section. More to offer by the county are market days displaying an assortment of crafts and products from the town and farmer’s markets.

To let your vacation more memorable, discover the warm accommodations and excellent services of hotels, cottages, and dining choices. Homes that are well loved by previous visitors include the Bovey Castle or the Llansantffraed Court Hotel, and guest cottages such as the Oak Farm B&B, Lower Granary, or Byre Cottage. All of these housings promise to serve you quality rooms, sumptuous food menu assortment, and splendid panorama of the county in reasonable rates. Wherever you choose to stay, the accommodations are all within reach to the other county attractions like the wildlife parks and shopping centres.

Mommouthshire is a worthwhile vacation experience for families, children, couples, or group of friends. The endowed county of beauty and mystery will leave you dreaming about the exquisite place every now and then.