Northamptonshire Tourist Guide


Northamptonshire is well known for its historic landmarks and county buildings, majestic stately homes and gardens, and has earned great following, although, it is said to be very much overlooked, being situated beside Warwickshire, the heart of England.

Northamptonshire is an upland county with a population of 194, 122 and is predominantly rural with small towns and many villages. It is a long, thin county running from south-west to north-east. It has a population of 700,000 and the terrain of the county is largely agricultural, pastoral and forestry and it owns the biggest marker square in all of England.

Aside from its serene historic attributes, it is the real home of British Motorsport, along with various sports and games like cricket and rugby football. Also, a diversity of hot tourist attractions characterized by historic class and elegance makes Northamptonshire reputable.
The Sulgrave Manor, which is the home of Washington’s ancestors, is a wonderful example of a modest manor house and a garden of the time of Shakespeare. Special educational facilities are available to travelers who might want to know more about historic England.

The Haddonstone Show Gardens in East Haddon, is also known for its walled manor gardens – including urns, troughs, fountains, statuaries, bird baths, sundials and balustrading in its most aesthetic scenario. It features shrub roses, conifers, clematis and climbers in different levels of the garden. And this beautiful sight is open to everyone for free.

Museums and galleries of different themes and specialties make Northamptonshire a must-see for the fans of British-Scottish art and culture. The Earls Baton Museum or Village Life contains daily exhibitions of the show workers cottage at the turn of the century, a lace case and a corner shop. Another museum of caliber is the Woburn Abbey, the residence of the Marquess and Marchioness of Tavistock and their kin. It lodges one of the most significant private art assortments, counting artworks by Van Dyck, Gainsborough, Reynolds and Canaletto as well as 18th century French and English fixtures, silver, gold and porcelain.

The Stanford Hall is a beautiful William & Mary home situated on the banks of Shakespeare’s River Avion. It contains antique furniture, pictures of fine texture and an unusual collection of family costumes. There is a Nature trail, Walled Rose of Garden and a Pottery and Craft Centre in the grounds. The Cotton Manor Garden near Guilsborough is a wonderful English country garden laid out quite artistically on different levels. Herbaceous borders with extensive range of plants, old yew and holly hedges, water garden and pine lawns is all set in this 10 acres of rich land, also planted with wildflowers and bluebell wood.

A famous church in Northamptonshire is the All-Saints Church, which is set on a high hill in the center of Earls Barton. It is famous for its statuesque Saxon tower – which is unequalled architecturally throughout UK.

Northamptonshire is a vast countryside in all its historic splendor and elegance.  All of the museums, churches and gardens within this humble land show the magnificence of the English uplands.