Northumberland Tourist Guide


Northumberland is a non-metropolitan county in the North East of England. They used to be a county rich in coal mining, shipping, shipbuilding and repairing, and the production of heavy electrical machinery, but there is now less of that in the county. This artistic haven, however, prides itself with great tourist attractions that make many people, even within United Kingdom visit and explore it.

The culture in Northumberland is diverse as it comes from a mix of indigenous Anglian, Celtic and Norse influences. Dances and songs of various artistic levels make this county lively and worth the trip. Their traditions are not found elsewhere in England and they are famous for it.

Their famous dances include the Dapper Sword dance and The Clog Dance. And who could forget Northumberland’s most treasured possession, the Northumbrian smallpipe, a sweet chamber instrument, quite unlike the Scottish bagpipe. Northumberland’s music resembles Scottish music, which manifests the evident historical links of Northumbria and Scotland.

Along with these culture gems, they are home to a variety of hot natural spots that feature the pristine beauty of the countryside. Hours of tours are made possible for tourists by boat trips in Farne Island to the Seahouses, where one can watch birds while listening to a travel guide describe in detail the picturesque facet of Northumberland. The Sanctuary Wildlife Care Centre is another natural attraction which is inhabitated by foxes, badgers, snakes and a lot of other rescued animals. Wooded ravines In Bardon Mill outlooking a breathtaking river scenery never cease to amaze a tourist. And of course, the Rock Art in Northumberland just naturally set along hillsides are intricately astonishing.

Monuments and castles, which are reputable to the English countryside, sashay in splendor for visiting travelers. The Kielder Castle and Hadrian’s Wall are great examples of such. The Kielder Castle, a 17th century hunting lodge is a great sight. It is located in the heart of England’s largest forest, and it features facilities such as mountain bike training, single track trails and mountain bike hire centres on site. The Hadrian’s Wall, on the other hand, is said to be the most important monument built in Britain by the Romans. It is a frontier very much known and it reminds one of the past victories of one of the world’s greatest civilizations. It was announced as a World Heritage site in 1987, along with the other wonders of the world.

The Natural Glass Centre in Liberty Way is another must-see for all tourists, where one can see the history of the local glass industry on stained glass panels. It hosts a wonderful Kaleidoscope Gallery with its famous video walls and touch screens telling the story of how glass can be of utmost essence in our everyday life. Glassmaking exhibitions and demonstrations are shown to tourists every day, and will surely make it fun and intriguing.

Northumberland always gives the traveler an unforgattable taste of British-Scottish artistry. At the same time, their tourist spots are prime attractions to the country lover. One must never fail to consider a trip to this fun, lovely, culture-enriched haven.