Nottinghamshire Tourist Guide


Anyone who has ever heard and fallen in love with Robin hood’s boyish charms, cunning spirit, and golden heart will surely be amazed that in fact, Sherwood’s forest is not a fictional destination and it is to be found in Nottinghamshire, England.

Nottinghamshire is an English county in the East Midlands, covering only about 850 square miles. It is said that ibuprofen was discovered in this county and that it is home to some of the most prominent people like Lord Byron, Dame Laura Knight and Alan Sillitoe. It is rich in statuesque tourist spots that will rival a lot of other tourist spots in England, that, including the Sherwood Forest, an ultimate familiar favorite among travelers. It is also home to the biggest Oak tree in Britain, which is over 800 years old, weighs 23 tons and its branches spreading to over 28 m (92 ft).

The reason why people travel to see Nottinghamshire is the diversity of places that they could visit, which do not seem to run out. There are various attractions that cater to a lot of interests, which makes Nottinghamshire a prime spot to consider visiting.

Of course, first in the list is Sherwood Forest Farm Park, which is the formal Royal Hunting Forest, and the home of the most famous and dashing outlaw, Robin Hood. What comes to mind perhaps is an old-setting forest with plenty of trees and natural scenic landscapes. But the forest has now emerged into a wonderful valley setting, inhabitated by endangered farm animals in their farm park. Families who would like to enjoy activities such as picnic spots and play areas are welcome to amuse themselves.

The Newark Air Museum in Winthorpe, Newark, is situated on the former World War 2 airfield in Winthorpe, Eastern Nottinghamshire. It features a diverse collection of 59 aircraft and cockpit sections that cover the history of aviation.

One other must see are The Caves of Notttingham in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre where a hidden world is to be found below the streets of Nottingham. This underground structure highlights the WWII Air Raid Shelter, and is the only underground medieval tannery in UK. It showcases over 750 years of Nottingham’s history told through its walls.

Also in Nottingham is the Nottingham Castle which marks a very rich county history. Inside the castle, historical and contemporary art exhibitions are always held, and this is where paintings, sculptures, china and silverware portray the evolution of Nottingham. Tales of Robin Hood, a modern medieval adventure experience, is held in the shadows of Nottingham castle through daytime tours and banquet nights.

The Harley Gallery, reputable for national excellence and innovation, is a great pride of Nottingham. It is found in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, where countless exhibitions of contemporary craft, visual art, photography and design are being held.

These are but a few mentions of the great attractive spots that await a travel to the Robin Hood County. There are things yet to be spoken of and must be explored, as this great county creates a stigma of historic essence to whoever visits it, Scottish, British or not.