Oxfordshire Tourist Guide

Be mesmerized by Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is of course well known for the University of Oxford – which was founded in 1096 – but aside from its wonderful education system, Oxfordshire, like many other counties in England, is rich in its culture and tradition. It is one of the counties to have a great tourism industry. Also, many facilities of performance motorsport companies are located in Oxfordshire. And due to the presence of University of Oxford, the county also has a thriving publishing and print industry.

One of the most famous landmarks and tourist spots in Oxfordshire is the Bleinham Palace in Woodstock. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous building was built by renowned architect Jon Vanbrugh. Its gardens, which landscape gardener “Capability Bown” designed, is open to the public. The Bleinham Palace had been featured in many popular films such as Entrapment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Many tourists visit Oxfordshire for a taste of the great English rural life and enjoy its natural scenery. It boasts of a history that goes back to 6000 years. Market towns are scattered all over the county making it a main attraction factor. Its countryside and stone villages are definitely worth the stay.

The North Oxfordshire is where the historical Banbury and Bicester – both market towns – are located. Banbury, Oxfordshire’s most northerly town, is famous for the nursery rhyme that alludes to the Banbury Cross. It is also known for its Banbury cakes. The Oxfordshire Canal, which is a great tourist spot where visitors can experience a cruise, is also near it. There are many festivals in Banbury to enjoy such as the Banbury Hobby Horse Festival and the Canal Day Festival. North Oxfordshire can also also many other places of interest such as Broughton Castle and the Hook Northern Brewery. A taste of the world famous beer will surely be enough incentive to drop by and have a tour at the Brewery.   

In the south, on the other hand, lies the River Thames and the Chiltern Hills which attract many fascinated tourists. Henley-on-Thames and Wallingford are the most popular places in South Oxforshire because of its hospitality, history, and market industry. There are many activities of leisure and fun to choose from such as dining, shopping, walking, and even learning.

The Vale of the White Horse is also quite popular with visitors because of the mystery that its pagan background exudes. It is home to the highest point in the county, which is Whitehorse Hill. The Whitehorse Hill has the Uffington White Horse as an attraction. The stylized design was cut into the slopes of the upper sides of the hill. It looks like a white horse from a top view perspective. The Vale, as it is commonly known, also has many market towns such as Abingdon and Faringdon. It is only about 60 miles from London.

A visit to any part of Oxfordshire will surely rejuvenate the spirits with its various fascinating tourist spots, wonderful countryside scenery, and a bustling industry. It is a vacation which will not disappoint.