Ross-Shire Tourist Guide

Enter the gates of the Ross County

It's a double delight of ancient architectures and nature’s own version of perfect sceneries!”

Located at the high lands of Scotland is a one of a kind county called Ross-Shire or also known as Ross. It is bordered with Sutherland along with Cromartyshire and Inverness-shire, which are all parts of the highlands of Scotland.

Traveling along this county will make one venture a rousing and brilliant quest on the hills and on other wonderful panoramas. It will surely present a sense of “experiencing the great wilderness of Europe.”

Places to visit while on this county include glorious architectural designs of the past, and nature’s side of perfect scenery. One of these places includes the Dingwall, which is the major town at Ross, and it stands at Cromarty Firth. This town became one of Scotland’s most historical places, because it was once home to the Earls of Ross. Even up to the present, there are still remains of ancient mansions and town houses that were once used by these mighty earls.

Moreover, a very special small island located on the west coast of Ross County is a famous tourist destination for couples and lovers. It is called as the Isle of Ewe, which sounds like a romantic phrase, “I love you!” This island is lined with sand stones and pebbles, and it is overlooking a magnificent blue body of water. It is ideal to take boat trips alongside of this unique spot.

Another site to have a trip in Ross-shire is a town called Tain, which is one of the royal burghs in Ross, and in fact it was dubbed as the oldest burgh in Scotland. Several castles are located within this town, such as the Dunrobin castle, Carbisdale castle, and the Balnagown castle. Famous people born here are Saint Duthac and John Shepherd-Barron, who is thought to be the originator of the Automated Teller Machine or ATM. Products that can be availed from this place are potteries and other ceramics.

A different burgh is also located at the county Ross, and it is called the Fortrose. It is home to the remains of a 13th century cathedral that became a seat of the bishop of Ross-Shire. Moreover, this burgh is special since it offers variety of activities for tourist to enjoy, like golf and a chance to discover bottlenose dolphins along its waters. There are also libraries and an academy located in this place.

When in Ross-shire, it is also a must to come across a village called Bishop Kinkell and Mellon Udrigle, which showcases Scotland’s finest sandy beaches. Another village not to spare on a tour is Evanton, which is located in the eastern part of county, and is famous for its attractions that includes the ruined church of Kiltearn, the Fyrish monument, and the Black Rock Gorge.

Likewise, there are other wonderful spots that should be included in one’s trip. These include the Milltown, Muir of Ord, Isle of Raasay, Isle of Horrisdale, the Red Point, Saltburn and many more.

Aside from these places, the people are also reasons to visit the county. Their culture, food, cultural events and way of living are special features to note on one’s visit.
Indeed, there is no other exceptional experience that the highlands of Scotland can offer. And to start feeling the adventure, Ross-shire is the place to be.