Roxburghshire Tourist Guide

Reviving history at Roxburghshire

There’s a bit of history that needs to be exposed in a special county called Roxburgh. It is home to primordial castles and imposing abbeys built in old Scottish times.

Roxburgh or Roxburghshire can be spotted on the map as a region located in the southeast part of Scotland, and it lies near the banks of the river called Teviot. This county is contained within the borders of Cumbria and Northumberland in England and of Scotland. Thus, it turned out to be a spot of numerous boundary battles in the ancient times. Other regions that surround Roxburgh are Dumfries, Selkirk, and Berwick.

Since this is a county that needs to be rediscovered by tourist around the world, Roxburgh offers many distinct tourist destinations and other numerous wonders. One of which is the Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott, who is a famous Scottish novelist and poet who wrote The Lady of the Lake and Ivanhoe.

Other spots that make this county unforgettable are the ruins of Wallace’s Merlin’s tower and the Roxburgh Viaduct, which seems to be an unusual structural design since it was built on curve shapes in the 1800’s. Moreover, this county houses the remains of the old Kelso Abby, which is considered as a magnificent architectural piece.

Another relevant place to find out is the Liddesdale Heritage Centre Museum, where artifacts and other antiques from Roxburgh are located. Newcastleton Forest is also a unique destination, and it offers the sweet countryside living in Scotland. While the Hermitage Castle, which became the lodgings of Nicholas De Soulis, Sir Ralph De Neville, and Mary Queen of Scotts, tenders a grandiose ambiance to present day travelers.

In addition, an exceptional place called Jed burgh, which is the principal town of Roxburghshire, shouldn’t be missed while on journey in this county. Jed burgh offers the Scottish way of life, since most of the traditions of Scotland still exist here even up to the present.

More on lifestyle, Roxburgh offers an uncomplicated living that includes fishing, livestock grazing, and cultivation of fruits and grains. Special delicacies that could be tasted in this county are the famous Scottish dishes such as kippers, Arbroath Smokies, and fried herrings.

Interesting activities to try on while on this place are cycling, fishing, site seeing, and golfing. All of these activities can be enjoyed while on a relaxing atmosphere at the old English borders. It is also perfect while an individual or family is on a soothing weekend break.

Looking for an accommodation while on this county is not a problem, since there are many cottages and mini-hotels that offer a variety of services that allows one to enjoy the Scottish ways of life.

Roxburghshire is more than just a county sitting on the borders of England and Scotland. It has its history that needs to be experienced again. Whether that experience will be an enjoyment over the old castles and abbeys, or strolling along the borders of the countywide, it will surely be a breathtaking occurrence. And while on that thrilling experience, Roxburgh offers spectacular moments that certainly is unforgettable.