Staffordshire Tourist Guide

Staffordshire has the sights and spots for the whole family

Staffordshire is a landlocked country, and part of its land belongs to the National Forest. Some parts of the Staffordshire are important coal fields and the southern part of the area on the other hand is known for its rich iron ore deposits. This county is not known for agriculture during the early years since soil is chiefly clay. But with the mechanization of farms, agriculture has slowly picked up.

The county is divided into many districts. These districts include the Cannock Chase, East Staffordshire, Lichfield, Newcastle-under-Lyme, the South Staffordshire, the Borough of Stafford, the Stafford Moorlands and the Tamworth. A quick tour of the county will reveal that the northern and the southern part of Staffordshire are hilly. And the middle regions of the county are low and undulating.

One area of interest in the Staffordshire is Flash. This village has gained recognition as being the highest village in England. Another village in Staffordshire Moorlands stands in 463 meters above sea level. This record was then validated in 2007 by the Ordnance Survey the moment another village took the claim for the record. In order to settle the score as to what village is the highest in England, BBC thru its ‘The One Show’ made an investigation and the show later found out that the Flash was in fact, the true owner of the record.

Visitors of the county should also check the RSPB Coombes Valley. This valley is a natural reserve, run by RSPB and is located in Staffordshire, England. This reserve is located near the town of Leek and should be the place to be if visitors have an interest in woodland birds. Some familiar woodland birds in the area are the Common Redstart, Wood Warbler and the Pied Flycatcher. The reserve is perfect to be visited during summer. It is during this season where the valley plays host to a wide range of birds like the flycatchers, redstarts and the wood warblers. Entrance to the area is free, but donations may be given for workers who maintain the area. The Belvide Reservoir is another reservoir that is worth checking out. This reservoir located in South Staffordshire is owned by British Waterways. This site is a natural reserve and was designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Entry to the reservoir isn’t free. You should ask for a permit to enter the grounds. Rare birds can be seen in the area. Some of the rare and migratory birds seen in the area are the White-winged Black Tern, the Whisked Tern, Caspian Tern, Spotted Crake and the Spotted Sandpiper.

If visitors and tourists are looking for family-oriented type of fun, then the Drayton Manor Theme Park should do it. This theme park is a mixture of rides and scenic spots. This is one popular spot in the county and it is acknowledged that at least a million people visit the place every year. Some popular rides in the park include the StormForce10, Shockwave which is Europe’s only stand-up rollercoaster, the Apocalypse and the Freefall Tower wherein participants can choose between sit-down, stand-up and floorless ride positions.