Sutherland Tourist Guide


Sutherland, the least densely populated area in Europe as it has only five inhabitants per square meter, is Britain’s most remote county. It has the real wilderness swarmed with wildlife and the spectacular mountains with coastal edges and fertile valleys.

Considered also as the least farmed county in Europe, only two percent of the total area is under cultivation. Its landscape is dominated by high Rocky Mountains while covered with wet bog.

Though oftentimes perceived as out of the way county, Sutherland is a place sought after by many famous celebrities. World famed singer Madonna was wedded with Guy Ritchie in a stunning and exclusive Skibo Castle while the christening of their son, Rocco, was held in Dornoch Cathedral built in 1922, known as the spiritual heart of Sutherland.

The small town called Brora in Sutherlands was once the greatest supplier of stone to the whole nation. The recognized stoned structures, which were built from Brora’s stone, were London Bridge and Liverpool Cathedral.

Another luring fact of Sutherland is the Flows National Nature Reserve, the largest blanket bog in the world and it is known to be the home of may exotic birds and animals.

Since it is one of the remotest parts of Britain, Sutherland is the place for peace, tranquility and beautiful sceneries. Apart from that it, it offers varied outdoor opportunities such s walking and climbing.

Lairg, small and rural village, is situated at the southern end of Loch shin in the heat of Sutherland where several accommodation and cafes are located. It has the Ferrycroft Countryside Visitor Center where you can dig information from ice age to the present events. It also features an Archaeological Trail stretching from the center and takes you up through the Ferry Wood. They organized various events and programs such as nature’s walk.

Other common outdoor activities in Lairg are the fishing. It has a fishing loch called Loch Shin that stretches for 18 miles into the rugged heart of Sutherland. You can savor the nature’s beauty through the forest walks and waterfalls, a known dramatic Shin Falls and Salmon leap.

There is also the Lairg Dam and Power Station, the furthest dam and hydroelectric scheme that is built between 1945-58. The Ord Hill has the archeological trail and ancient burial chambers as old as 6000 years.

Another wonderful panoramic view is the small village called Kylesku in Sutherland. It has the Kylesku Brdige which was opened by the Queen in 1984 is linking the two sea loch namely Loch Glendhu and Lock Glencoul. A waterfall called Eas-Coul-Aulin is located Loch Glencoul. It is Britain’s highest waterfall at 650 feet and is four times higher than Niagara Falls. The locals of Kylesku organizes boat trip from Kylesku to Kerracher Gardens. This is only available between May and September when it is accesible by boat.

Another striking feature of Sutherland is the North West Highland Geopark where you can find the oldest rocks on earth.

Owing to its rich wildlife resources, Sutherlands has three national nature reserves namely Knockan Crag, Inchnadamph and Loch a’Mhiulinn.

If you want to be enthralled with the amazing beauty of nature, you should come to the right place – Sutherland.