Westmorland Tourist Guide

A Lovely Trip to Westmorland

Westmorland is a lovely county peacefully situated in the north-west area of England and forms part of Cumbria. Like almost all counties in the United Kingdom, Westmorland offers a breathtaking countryside, panoramic views that will sweep you off your feet, and a slew of idyllic settings that you can enjoy by yourself or with your loved ones. Westmorland is indeed a good choice for a holiday vacation.

This little county is teeming with natural wonders, headed by a fantastic variety of fauna and flora. The county constitutes of mountain, moor, and fell, with welcome intersections of winding vales and streams. The residents of Westmorland enjoy moist climate, which is perfect for the rural pastures that make up most of the county. You can enjoy panoramic views of the county and its neighbors at Helvellyn, Westmorland’s highest point with a measurement of 3,117 feet. Kendal and Appleby are popular towns that warrant a side trip.

In Westmorland, there are several sights or tourist attractions that are surely worth your visit, including parks, museums, cathedrals, castles and charming villages. Pick one or see them all and enjoy the beauty of the county.

A visit to museums is one of any trip’s must-dos. Museums provide insider information about the place you’re visiting so you can have an idea of the culture and traditions that the people of that place embrace. In Westmorland, you can find many museums and other educational or heritage sites dedicated to providing the public with information on the county’s history. These museums serve as sentinels of the county’s rich past and house a display of ancient and modern treasures.

An important event in Westmorland takes place in September – you might want to plan your trip around that time of year. Exactly on the second Thursday of September, an annual feast that attracts thousands of people is happily celebrated by folks from the county and all over the United Kingdom. What we’re talking about is the yearly Westmorland County Agricultural Society Show, which brought together a record of 25,000 people last year. It’s something you surely don’t want to miss, with the silage competition, food and farming courses, and livestock classes, among other interesting activities to witness in this year’s much-awaited show.

And what’s a holiday without shopping? To complete your visit in Westmorland, drop by Westmorland Shopping Centre, the only covered shopping hive in the South Lakes and conveniently located at the heart of Kendal. The shopping centre contains a numerous national, specialty and independent stores and barrows that sell a wide variety of things. If you want to have taste of local foods and crafts, there’s an indoor market that will cater to your needs.

Today, Westmorland has clearly evolved and developed into a rather progressive county. You can find many businesses operating in the area. While its boundaries have been reevaluated many times throughout its rich history, Westmorland remains a wonderful county that tops the list of must-see places in the United Kingdom.