Wigtownshire Tourist Guide

A Walk in Wigtownshire

Are you ready to go on a wonderful trip? Then pack your bags and head off to Wigtownshire, an attractive little county in the United Kingdom.

The serene and highly agricultural county of Wigtown, more popularly known as Wigtownshire, can be found on the southwestern tip of Scotland and lies within the borders of the Dumfries and Galloway Council. Its land area is home to many spectacular sights and offers out-of-this-world views, including numerous hill forts and lake dwellings or crannogs. Wigtownshire, which remains a largely pastoral yet thriving tourist destination, is a beauty to behold.

Wigtownshire, like all other beautiful counties that can be found in the United Kingdom, houses many castles and castle ruins, as well as sprawling mansions and manors. The county is home to castles that date back to as far as the 1470s up to early 17th century, among them the historic Wigtown Castle. Some of these grand edifices are open to the public, while some remain private. Those open to the public can be contacted for tours and other educational or social events.

The Dumfries and Galloway Council is home to a number of both old and new churches and churchyards, some of which can be found in Wigtownshire, including the Wigtown Parish Church and the Martyrs’ Graves. Wigtownshire folks are known to tell tales of 17th-century religious fanaticism.

Moving on to more fun outdoor goings-on, Wigtownshire offers wide main streets where you can happily stroll along while enjoying being on the Machars, a term used to describe the rural lolling lands of the South, and the vast open land with equally vast open skies. Feel the breeze that passes by every now and then.

To get a taste of local life in Wigtownshire, it is recommended that a trip to the county’s main town and more modern streets be made. Visit the popular pubs and restaurants – which include the Bay View Bistro, The Wigtown Ploughman, Galloway Inn, and The Glaisnock – and order the county or the town’s specialties. Try a good glass of ginger ale and some sweets, perhaps a pie or custard. The Bladnoch Inn offers beverage straight from the Bladnoch Distillery Cooperage.

To complete your holiday, hit one or two of Wigtown’s many bookshops, preferably The Book Shop located on North Main Street. Wigtown is known as the United Kingdom’s National Book Town and boasts of over thirty book-related businesses. Then step out into Wigtown Square. Shaped as a triangle, Wigtown Square has a park and a bowling club. Visit the Town Hall and the museum it houses, then hop onto the top floor to enjoy panoramic views of the Galloway Hills, Creetown, and the English Lake District.

A walk through the attractive streets and countryside of Wigtownshire is different kind of heaven on earth. What the county offers is far beyond rural settings – it gives you a chance to enjoy nature and the simple life. For a vacation that’s truly memorable, plan a trip to the charming and colourful county of Wigtownshire.