Wiltshire Tourist Guide

Things to Do and Places to See in Wiltshire

Wiltshire is one place that’s definitely not wilting in any way. If anything, Wiltshire is a blooming county nicely situated in the south west of England. Unlike most of the United Kingdom’s other beautiful counties, Wiltshire is landlocked and primarily constitutes of lowlands and wide valleys.

Wiltshire is famous for many things – hospitable locals, charming villages, breathtaking sights, good food. But the county is best known as the home of the Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument that today continues to draw admiration from people all around the world.
The Stonehenge, owned by the Crown and presently included in the UNESCO’s exclusive list of World Heritage Sites along with its surroundings, should be the first attraction you visit in Wiltshire. It not only offers an amazing sight to behold; the Stonehenge, more importantly, offers a glimpse of our past and a vital part of our history. The ancient monument have been studied and found out to serve as burial ground from its earliest beginnings up to its zenith in the middle of the third millennium BC. By coming to Wiltshire and seeing the world-renowned Stonehenge, you’re sure to experience one of the most memorable and moving moments of your life.

After paying tribute to the Stonehenge and what it stands for, it’s time to take your trip to Wiltshire to an even more educational level. The United Kingdom counties have different museums, and the museums in Wiltshire are definitely worth checking out. The Kenet and Avon Canal Museum houses numerous interesting finds, while the Swindon Steam Railway Museum is a heritage railway site. These museums provide important trivia, as well as an appreciation for the county’s rich past.

Of course, a trip to any of the United Kingdom’s lovely counties will not be complete without the castles and castle ruins that abound in the region. Wiltshire is home to the Wardour Castle, located near Tisbury and originally owned by the St Martin family. While the castle was inspired by the hexagonal castles that were popular in the area at the time it was built, which was around the last years of the fourteenth century, the Wardour Castle’s six-sided design and self-contained guest suites are unique in Great Britain, so you can be sure that your visit will see something worthy of note.

Along with castles, United Kingdom counties also have several mansions or manors. Wiltshire is home to the internationally acclaimed Iford Manor and the Peto Gardens, which serenely rest on the steep slopes of the River Frome valley. The manor and the lush gardens it houses provide an idyllic and romantic setting – one you must enjoy when in Wiltshire.
The county boasts of many forts that provide panoramic views. The Barbury Castle and Hill, an Iron Age hill fort, is a popular country park that offers scenic views of the Cotswolds and the River Severn, both located right across the park.

Wiltshire is indeed a beautiful county that has an abundance of attractions that will satisfy every taste and craving.