Worcestershire Tourist Guide

What’s in Store for You in Worcestershire

Worcestershire, one of the United Kingdom’s many county treasures, rests proudly on the West Midlands region in the central part of England. The county’s equally majestic neighbors include Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, and Gloucestershire. The historic rivers of Severn and Avon flow grandly through Worcestershire and provide the county with one of its many interesting features.

No matter where you are in Worcestershire, you are assured of getting a good view. The imposing Malvern Hills, which are mainly made up of volcanic igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, borders the county on the west and lovely counties, both rural and urban, surround Worcestershire on other parts. You can find lovely sceneries and enjoy idyllic settings all around the county.

Worcestershire is home to several tourist attractions. There are museums, parks, cathedrals, heritage sites, villages, infrastructures, and natural havens that you can choose from to visit when enjoying a Worcestershire vacation. Among the more popular ones include the Avoncraft Museum of Historic Buildings, Walton Hill and the Clent Hills, Severn Valley Railway, Wadborough, Worcester Cathedral, Great Malvern Priory, River Teme, Tenbury Wells and the Pump Rooms, River Severn, River Avon, Witley Court, Hanbury Hall, and Forge Mill Needle Museum.

Malvern Hills that run from the south of the city into Herefordshire is truly a sight to behold. It is a popular beauty spot among tourists and locals alike because of the various natural mineral springs and wells that the site holds. Situated in between Great Malvern, which was transformed into a spa by the hills, and the village of Colwall, Malvern Hills offer an overlooking and breathtaking view of the River Severn valley and far away Cotswalds. You can also explore the tiny but interesting Clutter’s Cave, also known as Giant’s Cave or Waum’s Cave, which you can find near the ridge of the hills. The Worcestershire Beacon, considered the highest point of the hills at 1,395 feet above sea level, provides a grand view of the county.

A fantastic tourist attraction that you should not miss to see when you’re in Worcestershire is the West Midland Safari and Leisure Park, which can be found in Bewdley. The park, which has a four-mile drive Safari, has been around since 1973 and is home to several notable species of animals. Among the rare species include the African wild dog, aye-aye, white rhinoceros, and white buffalo. With leopard and Cape buffalo in their list of animals, the park is the first one in Europe to house the African Big Five.  Here you can enjoy a wild adventure in the park’s theme park area, pet area, discovery zone, and Spring Grove House, a park inside the park. Offering a great view is the Severn Valley Railway that conveniently runs on the other side of the park, just between Kidderminster and Bewdley stations.

A look at history and tastes of nature and the wild are just some of the things waiting for you in Worcestershire. Head off towards one exciting adventure and plan a trip to Worcestershire today.